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Principal's Message

Dear Parents, Students, Prospective Students,


It's my pleasure to welcome you here! I am so excited to see your interest in our school.


Here at Innovations Learning Academy our purpose is simple: providing families with a personalized approach to learning that meets the unique learning styles of each student while valuing flexibility and choice. We are a public charter school, and I’m pleased to work with a dedicated group of teachers and support staff who pull together to help our students and families achieve their educational goals. In doing so, we embrace the philosophy that while not all students learn the same, who they’re learning from can make all the difference in the world. And who knows and cares about your children more than you do!


Interest in home school has been growing stronger in recent years, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic. As families continue to wonder how best to educate, their child we are proud to be able to offer this option. Although concerns about safety and health are always a priority, families want to make sure that their children continue to receive a high quality educational experience along with opportunities for social development. At Innovations Learning Academy we are constantly looking for ways to meet all of these priorities by offering curriculum choices supported by highly qualified, credentialed teachers along with in-person and virtual events.


Our name reminds us each and every day to seek the most effective, the most engaging, and the most efficient ways to meet the needs of our wonderful families. We hope we'll get a chance to show you more about what we are all about.


Yours in caring,


Tom Sweeney